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Synagogue of Jurmala Jewish Community
Rabbi of Jurmala, Chairman of Jurmala Jewish Community, Board member of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia

Rabbi Shimon Kutnovsky-Liak

Rabbi Shimon was born and raised in Israel. The Shimon (paternal) family on the father’s side were Riga residents for several generations. The family was repressed in 1941, returned to Riga from Siberian exile after the end of World War II, and then repatriated to Israel in the 70s.

And in 2018, Shimon moved to Latvia to serve the local community in the “Beit Israel” Synagogue which opened its doors on August 29 in Jūrmala.

In 2019, he became the chairman of the Jewish community of Jūrmala, giving it the name “Jewrmala” and opening the doors to everyone who wants to visit the resort city of Jūrmala., offering different opportunities for Jews traveling to Latvia in search for kosher tourism or the possibilities of organizing family celebrations as part of the Jewish tradition, whether it’s a wedding (chuppah), a bar or a bat mitzvah, a brit milah, a halake (upsherin), etc.

Shimon grew up in a religious Zionist environment in Israel. After serving in the Israeli army, he began his work as a Shaliah (messenger) in local communities in America, and lived there for three years, after which he moved to Russia and worked with the Jewish community in Moscow, and also taught lessons about the religion, faith and wisdom of Kabbalah. Shimon is convinced that “our Torah is universal. Firstly, we must understand it ourselves in order to share the knowledge with all nations.” His approach to teaching: deep lessons – in a common language. His lectures are a synthesis of Judaism understanding with simple wisdom.

To arrange individual lessons and studies with Rabbi Shimon, as well as to ask any question for the rabbi, please contact him directly by any means most convenient for you.

Rabbi Shimon is fluent in Hebrew, Russian and English.

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