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Synagogue of Jurmala Jewish Community

We can talk about our mission briefly, or we can use a thousand words to describe it, but it is fair to say, that it is not about the skillful phrasing, but rather about the significance of its actions and deeds, and the central role it plays in our lives and lives of all community members.

Our core purpose is to provide the means to maintain and to preserve the Jewish way of life, and to help its members in need.

It is of high importance to make sure that every Jew feels like a part of our community. We accept and embrace every Jew in our community, and make them feel at home. 

Since August, 2018 we have welcomed local citizens as well as tourists in our synagogue “Beit Israel”.

Our mission has been operating in its spacious and conveniently located building in order to create a special and inviting atmosphere. A place used not only as a synagogue, but also as the place to celebrate important Jewish holidays, and the place to meet with friends.

We offer numerous captivating courses and a variety of learning programs for our members - all in order to promote the Jewish traditions and values, strength our connection to our nation and to the state of Israel.

It's always been our mission to make Jurmala everyone's favorite place to practice the Jewish way of life, a place where Jews feel at home and where they feel a strong sense of belonging to a Jewish community, the place to get in touch with their Jewish heritage.