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Synagogue of Jurmala Jewish Community
Rabbi Shimon Kutnovsky-Liak

Rabbi of Jurmala, Chairman of Jurmala Jewish Community, Board member of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia

Rabbi Shimon was born and raised in Israel. The Shimon (paternal) family on the father’s side were Riga residents for several generations. The family was repressed in 1941, returned to Riga from Siberian exile after the end of World War II, and then repatriated to Israel in the 70s.And in...

Rabanit Zina Kutnovsky-Liak


Zina Kutnovsky-Liak was born and raised in Moscow, Russia in a non-religious family and environment. The study of Torah transpired after graduating from the Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov (Faculty of Journalism), working in the profession at that time for about ten years and building a successful career. At the...

Emmanuil Grinshpun

President of the board

Mark Vulfson

Board member

Dr. Genadij Trifsik

Board member

Boris Sosin

Board member

Alexander Vetshtein

Board member

Leonid Kil

Board member

Vadim Oleksishin

Board member

Ilona Kaminskaja

Head of Jurmala Hesed department